Saturday, March 2, 2013

My go-to tools for surviving Post Surgery

My Top Picks - Tools for surviving Post Surgery

These are a few things I purchased before surgery that I feel I most definitely could not have lived without during my recovery:

I am sure most of you have a blender, but if you don’t I would recommend purchasing one. It doesn’t have to be a VitaMix, although that is my dream blender-even after surgery. Right now I have a regular Cuisinart model that works just fine! Although I recommend having a regular blender on hand, surprisingly I didn’t end up using the blender very much in the first few weeks post surgery; the one thing that really saved most meals was the immersion blender I purchased one through a Groupon deal I received. While they don’t make the particular model I currently own, this one is pretty similar and is close in price to the Groupon deal I got. 

If you are a Groupon or LivingSocial subscriber keep your eyes peeled for deals on them. I, well I should say my mom used this for every meal I ate with the exception of the first few days where I was on mainly clear broths. She made soup and pureed it with the immersion blender in the cup provided, or right in the pot. She made mac and cheese, added some chicken broth or milk, pureed it with the immersion blender, frozen fruit and milk same thing- it is awesome! I will make sure to post all of my go to recipes J.

Pureeing every meal can get tiring, I know from watching my mom go through it after every meal she prepared and washing all the parts for the next meal. Also it isn’t always an option when you’re on the go. So when we didn’t have time to make a homemade meal, Orgain was one of my go to’s. It’s portable, healthy, full of protein-which is an important part in healing, and pretty filling (especially the first week out of surgery, I could barely get through half of one). I purchased several twelve packs on a few weeks before my surgery, and they lasted me the whole six weeks. My favorite flavors were vanilla and chocolate, although I love coffee the Iced CafĂ© Mocha flavor would not be on my list. 

Aside from the nutritional components necessary to your recovery, something I found extremely helpful, and they might even give you in the hospital is a wrap that you insert icepacks in and tie around your head. No it’s definitely not a fashion statement, and you will not look runway ready, but luckily the icing is needed only the first week or so while you’re hidden behind the comforts of your own walls (it’s just the wheelchair ride out of the hospital and walk from the car when you get home that you get to sport this look in public). I was given a wrap in the hospital that I could insert my own ice packs in, but here is a similar one that would do the trick:

If you don’t’ purchase the above item and just use what the hospital gives you, it brings me to my next favorite item. . peas! No not frozen peas from the freezer, these are moldable, refreeze-able, gel ice packs that are amazing.
I don’t have to tell you after surgery you are really not going to want anyone or really anything touching your face. Hard ice from the freezer pushed against your chin/jaw will melt, and will not feel good. These ice packs are soft, mold right to the shape you need, and they’re great for any other injury you might have in the future. I got them at CVS for a pretty reasonable price. I purchased two but would recommend purchasing four so you can swap them out. Since my surgery, they've come out with a heatable and freezable option:

My last pick is to help you breathe at night while you sleep. If you had upper jaw surgery, they will most likely prescribe you with nasal decongestants and sprays, since you will not be allowed to blow your nose for a few weeks. This can be challenging especially if it’s winter, or the air in your room is really dry. I purchased this humidifier and aside from the soothing blue light to see by for nighttime medicine doses, the moist air truly helps.

I know this all might seem like a lot, and things can add up quickly, but if you purchase these items slowly throughout the time you learn you will be having the surgery it won’t seem so overwhelming.

Have any questions, comments, or suggestions? Let me know!

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