Monday, February 10, 2014

Greek Yogurt Fail & HOT BalletFIT

Sunday morning I ventured into the land of Greek yogurt production, much harder than I thought but fun too! I saw a recipe posted on Instagram to make your own Greek yogurt- and based on how much I consume I thought it would be a great thing to make not only for cost savings, but I like being in control of ingredients in everything I make whenever possible. I made the novice mistake of trying to cut the recipe in half and let's just say it was not a good idea. Out of the whole day long process (don't worry you don't have to be involved, most of it is it just sitting and or straining), I think I managed to produce a cup of yogurt.  Fear not, I am going to try this again, maybe next weekend, and I will post the recipe and pic's if it's a success.

I continued the day tackling my laundry, and Sunday prep., time to stock the freezer for easy grab and go lunches and snacks. Saturday's adventures in soup were so successful I decided to go for another recipe. This time I made a Winter Detox soup. I don't really believe in cleanses but I'm not opposed to real food and or meals that promote healthy detoxification. I got the recipe for the soup  from, it's one of my go to sites! Between Saturday and Sunday, I think I should be set in the soup department for awhile.

New England Soup Factory containers 
have definitely come in handy!

Now on to the veggie burger, it is definitely improving. . .but I don't think the recipe is ready JUST yet.  This time around they taste MUCH better, but they are still lacking protein and are only clocking in at 63 calories- which isn't always a bad thing; I try to keep my meals to 300-400 calories and I am often frustrated by packaged veggie burgers containing 280-350 calories without adding anything else! I don't think the picture is that pretty, so I'll save that for when I am finally happy with them.

As if I wasn't tired enough from cooking, laundry, bill paying, and cleaning, I ended the day with a friend in the studio fro HOT BalletFIT. . .think HOT Yoga on steroids! One of the best workouts you'll ever get in my opinion. We do ballet barre work, cardio spurts, and abdominal strengthening all in a heated room- I love it!

Happy Monday. . . .

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