Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow "Cookie Dough" and Valentines Day

So it seems to be the winter for snow. . .I mean yes it usually snows in the winter, but this is one the of the snowiest and coldest winters I've seen in awhile- I like snow and all, but I certainly wouldn't mind spring coming a little early! 

So yesterday I had a super busy day, and was packing my breakfast, lunch, and snacks for work at 11pm Tuesday night.  I was trying to come up with something fun and different for a snack. . . I feel like I get in food ruts some times. So I grabbed the small amount of greek yogurt I managed to make last weekend, and I added in a tbsp. of unsweetened coconut, a tbsp. of organic semi sweet chocolate chips, and a tbsp. of my homemade 1 ingredient PB.  I was thinking calcium, protein, fat and a little sweet treat with the chocolate. Around 4pm yesterday when lunch had warn off and I was ready for a snack I whipped it out of my little work fridge and stirred it all together, then I took a bite. . . it tasted EXACTLY like COOKIE DOUGH. . I couldn't believe it1 I just stumbled upon my most favorite thing in the entire world, and in a MUCH healthier way. If you are looking for some healthy "cookie dough" give this a try I wouldn't steer you wrong and then let me know!

Tonight I ended another busy day with some baking.  I am headed to my parent's house tomorrow while they are out of town for a much needed girls weekend. I look at Valentine's Day as a Hallmark holiday, not a fan . . .I'd rather hang out with good friends and eat yummy food- I don't however mind all the chocolate associated with day : ). With my one friend being dairy/soy intolerant, and me being wheat intolerant, there was definitely some research involved in my recipe search. Thanks to Pinterest I didn't have to go far, one of the first pins I saw met all the requirements, was valentine themed, and looked super yummy. . .enter coconut flour heart shaped valentine cookies. . .

They were pretty easy to make too, only hard part was rolling and cutting out.  The avocado chocolate frosting? a SERIOUS success. . .

However next time I think I'll add a lot more frosting, I was being cautious with it because I didn't want to run out, but I even had extra left over- I'm sure it won't go to waste : ) 

What are your Valentine's day plans?

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