Wednesday, June 1, 2016

6FIT is back. . .and I'm back!

6FIT is back, and I'm back!! 

Hi! For those of you who don't know me my name is Courtney, I am DanceFIT veteran of 8 years (with a few months away here and there). I was in the Brookline Studio when it very first began with a handful of classes and the creator, fitness and mama entrepreneur extraordinaire Gina Fay. Before finding DanceFIT I was what I would call a spin rat but I got sick of that after about a year and was really looking for something that offered some variety in my fitness routine and took me back to my dance and ballet roots . . . hello DanceFIT and everything I was looking for! 

Although I was a big swimmer throughout my childhood and high school years I was never a huge fitness person, I was a dedicated gym goer, and occasional yogi in college, but never really loved being a slave to the machines that went no where. DanceFIT and 6FIT for that matter really opened my eyes to a whole new world of fitness ideas an opportunities. The 14 minute workouts Gina created for days you don't have a chance to fit a DanceFIT class in showed me that you really can squeeze a sweaty workout into any day; I have a crazy schedule but I know everyone has 14 minutes- just skip snooze one time and set your alarm 5 minutes earlier, you can do it!

When it comes to food I have definitely not always been an entirely healthy eater, I was actually a bit of a picky one but I usually managed to get a few servings of fruits in veggies in a day. I have always loved cooking, but I find I get overwhelmed by life and it kind of goes by the wayside. Before meal prep became trendy on Pinterest and everywhere else, 6FIT's model helped me realize the possibility and benefits of setting some time aside one day a week to make the rest of the week healthy and less stressful. I completed roughly 5 or 6 6FIT's and I definitely saw a change with each one progressively getting more and more in to meal prep and recipe and food creativity.  6FIT helped me to try new foods (I was a total beet hater before it was a food of the week), and past teammates always shared recipes that sparked new meal plans. 

I am doing 6FIT this time around because as usual, I have gone against my motto of putting myself first, which isn't self-indulgent as much as I forget to remember. I believe putting yourself first makes you a better person for other people; as the saying on the airplanes goes "put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others".

The last few months I've drank smoothie after breakfast smoothie, have been late for work, have thrown salads together for lunch and dinner mixed in with handfuls of leftover Easter candy saved in the fridge, resorted to a few too many days a week of short HIIT workouts when I think your body reaps the benefits of a few of those mixed with several days of longer sessions (i.e. DanceFIT classes!) So I want to get back into planned meals (which I will admit I struggle with majorly), and scheduled workouts . . . in fact I plan to schedule at least two weeks out of my workouts as soon as I sign off. 

I hope I haven't rambled on too much, I am looking so forward to sharing these next 4 weeks with you, and representing a great program the best way I can!

~ Courtney

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