Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It takes a village . . .

You can’t do everything on your own . . . a lot of people do a lot of amazing things, and I sure try to do it all on my own, but I have found time and time again it makes everything better when you have someone or even better, a community to help. Creator and owner of DanceFIT Studio Gina Fay always says “it is no coincidence that we all workout harder, longer and with more energy in a group environment where we have our friends (and even strangers) to push us to do “just one more” and inspire us through a tough workout and show us just how much we are capable of doing." This is true in life and so true in 6FIT.

 Barre + bronze charity event

I can eat mostly healthy and work out on my own but I never push myself as hard as I do or take that second thought about a piece of chocolate I don’t really need the same as when I have a team to be accountable to. Gina also so poignantly says “The real inspiration and motivation is going to come from members of your TEAM who are going to push and encourage you each step of the way -- and in return you are going to do likewise.”  I do that extra push up because no one else has quit, I sign up for an extra class or skip that extra weekend treat to get more points to help my team. I love the give and take that not only 6FIT creates, but DanceFIT creates as well.

                                                       DanceFIT crew at the Diva Dash

I have not set foot in a “gym” since college, I can’t stand the machines that go in one repetitive motion over and over, and I also have zero motivation to workout at one, because I feel like there is no competition and no one is there supporting or encouraging me. That’s why I love classes so much! Virtual DanceFIT has been a life saver because for the days I couldn’t make it to a class, or now being too far from the studio I can still get the same great workouts in my house or on vacation . . .there are absolutely no excuses! I encourage you if you have never tried it to sign up for a class! It’s like bringing the studio, friends and all to your living room!

                                                    Planking during Virtual DanceFIT

So grab a friend, or try a new class and make a friend, and join forces in a fitness journey together!

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