Sunday, June 5, 2016

Achieving 80/20

Week Two, Reflecting and Living 80/20

Well I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I think week one had the most energy I’ve seen in any 6FIT so far! I am loving the warm weather and all of the great outdoor workouts and fun meals I’ve seen popping up on our Facebook group. I especially enjoyed our virtual run date, which I followed up with a protein and veggie packed yummy post run frittata and salad.

Just yesterday I was driving down I-95 to my 10-year college reunion, and it really made me start thinking. I like most of you am my toughest critic, I began wondering what I had really accomplished in the last 10 years, what I was going to say to people when they asked what I'd been up to? To be honest I didn't really feel I had done a lot, but since I had an hour to kill on the drive I pushed the rewind button in my mind and quite a few achievements began to surface. I have not only done a lot in 10 years, I have grown, experienced and learned a lot! I've visited a few places on my bucket list, supported myself and moved into my first apartment straight out of college, lived in Boston for 8 years and found communities of people that I joined and built my faith, and health and fitness goals with. Most recently I moved to my dream location and purchased my first house, and found my running niche, not to mention completed my first 1/2 marathon on the other side of the country in Vegas!

Of course reunion came and went, and I had nothing to fear about explaining the last 10 years, but fast-forward to this evening and I was still fighting with myself.  To be perfectly honest I sat eating jellybeans as I began this blog post.  I debated them all afternoon, thoughts running through my head " I am in 6FIT, I am a spokesperson, I could have 5 extra points for my team if I don't eat them, I don't want to ruin my progress" but I realized as crazy as it sounds . . . they would help my progress.  

As much as I believe in and want to have an 80/20 approach to life, I find myself resembling an all or nothing approach. Through trial and error, I've found balance in eating healthy Monday- Friday and allowing myself to have a few sweets on the weekend. Even with my plan I usually still end up beating myself up about whatever I indulged in however big or small. But I learned something today, if I can enjoy some jellybeans and I mean really enjoy them since I wanted them so badly, it is a healthy thing, It means I have achieved balance- I can have a treat once in awhile and be happy about it, and then continue on with my healthy habits. In the big picture, I ate lots of fruits and veggies, drank over 64oz of water, and ate maybe a 1/2 a cup of jelly beans in a day? Big deal!  
"Queen of the world"

I didn't think I accomplished a lot in 10 years, but when I thought about it I accomplished a lot . . . I thought I would be a bad spokesperson and a failure if I ate jellybeans, but in reality having the ability to treat yourself and move on is success. I know a lot of you were sharing some of these feelings about treating yourself and feeling guilty, so hopefully we can learn to grow in the 80/20 life style together, treat ourselves, and "treat treats as treats" :) - Michael Pollan

Well, I am off to meal prep and get ready for a great week . . .looking forward to hearing about and seeing everyone's experiences week 2!

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